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HNRICM of medicinal plants was started in 1963. This collects mainly medicinal plants found in Taiwan, China and other country with the mission of research and education of Chinese medicine. The subjects displayed are medicinal plants, medicinal animals, medicinal minerals, and preserved specimens collected for scientific research. For public education and services, HNRICM holds exhibition and museum tours for students, teachers, and other public civic organizations by advanced reservation

Now, we over 5,000 determined specimens have been numbered. HNRICM continues to carry out medicinal plants collection in the world. Specimens are made with the professional care, and each specimen label contains a complete set of information.


  1. Specimen of Chinese medicine (collects from Taiwan, China and other country)
    Special collections include Medicinal Plants, Medicinal Animals, Medicinal Minerals and Medicinal Resin.
  2. Plants Specimen (collects of plants and medicine plants)
    Special collections include Pteridophyta plants, Gymnospermae plants, Monocotyledon plants and Dicotyledon plants.